One guy obsessed with drawing and a never ending interest in the shape of the things around. Ever since I was a kid, before I could write a word I would spend my days filling every bit of available space with drawings. Too focused for an artist, I was drawn to the business of illustration and applied Arts from an early age..
Today I break the tough hide developed after almost two decades of roughing up as a pen for hire in the advertising and editorial market, to shape a more personal work.
My base is the gargantuan city of São Paulo, in this big tropical melting pot they call Brasil.
Since you got this far, why not dropping me a line?
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Objects and artwork can be purchased directly in my studio or mailed upon request. Commissions of any nature are gladly accepted. Please, if anything tickles your fancy.
PARTNERS WANTED. Looking for fresh designs to add your line of products? Seen anything you'd like to produce, commercialize, distribute? Let's make this happen!

Rodrigo Leão Studio
Av. Pedroso de Morais, 89 cj 6
São Paulo-SP - Brasil
CEP 05419-000
PHONE: 00 55 11 3571-6309